Rooms may be booked by both students and staff for group study. The Main Library has an access control system. If guests from outwith the University will be present, the organiser of the booking must contact the library in advance to arrange visitor passes.

To make a booking:

  1. Hover over the info button next to each room, and read more about that room.
  2. Select the date from the calendar, then select the room and time slots required (up to 2 weeks in advance).
  3. Bookings are for 30 minute periods. The maximum amount of time you can book a room is 4 hours in a 24 hour period (from the time a booking ends).
  4. Fill out the booking form and press Continue. Please specify a name for your study group, which will be displayed.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to your University email address. Click the unique link within one hour to confirm your booking.
  6. If you need to cancel or amend your booking, you can do so by clicking a link in that email.
  7. If you are booking Exchange Street 1 or 2 this is just the table and screen within the area, and not the whole of the Exchange Street area.

Note: the confirmation email may go to your junk mail or clutter folder. If you do not see it in your Inbox, please check there.